Our Date

Here are some ideas of what to expect during our date  ;)

My mental and psysical Health is extremely important to me as I plan to be a happy mother and wife some day. I dont smoke, do not abuse alchohol and drugs and would never do anything that might be unsafe for my health. I count on your understanding.

Your Privacy is my utmost priority as an upscale Courtisane. For a date I always dress up elegant, appropriate for an occasion and with discretion. I detest vulgarity, have excellent manners and will never make you feel uncomfortable on public. In return I count on your Discretion as well: I live a normal intense life, do escorting as a hobby to spice up my life, broaden my life experience and be mentored by successful Gentlemen.

Screening is essential for a first time date. Those who are serious wont have any issues with providing me with some personal infomation (rest assured it would be kept in private) to make me feel secure and friendly when going for our date!

Once I've arrived please have the agreed Gift in an unsealed envelope and hand it to me discreetely at the beginning of the meeting, within the first 10 minutes. This is important, as it allows us both to relax and enjoy the time together. Please do not subject me to the uncomfortable situation of asking for my Reward since this places me in a delicate and unpleasant position. You're welcome to use your imagination and put my Present whether in a classy gift bag, greeting card or a chocolate box.

Chivalry, Respect, exquisite Style and impeccable Hygiene constitute the formula of genuine success with a woman and are alwys highly appreciated !! ;)